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NEEV(Necessary Education for Environment Venture)

NEEV is organizing a campaign to stop use of plastic bags to help our environment. Therefore, we are giving Non-plastic bags. Its very easy to avail this offer, just click here to download our app and install it on your mobile device and get registration.

Our objective

To stop Migration of Rulal population to urban area by facilitating with the necessary requirement

  • Awareness about Environment and its necesity
  • sufficient drinking, irrigation water, electricity, better transportation and better condition of roads in villages.
  • Availability of schools/Colleges/ Technical institutes.
  • Agricultural education/training to farmer about new techniques and latest technologies.
  • Self employment, awareness towards various Government Schemes and extended support from other agencies.

Our Aims:

  • Convert maximum hilly and non-irrigated land into cultivable land.
  • Change the view of farmers to look agriculture as a business not only as the way of leaving.
  • To increase area under organic cultivation.
  • Start co-operative farming among farmers by increasing unity in farmers.
  • Make the villages tanker free.
  • Educate villagers, farmers and his family in low cost.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision
    To create a healthy Environment and socio economic growth of everyone.
  • Mission
    Necessary Education for Environment, Agriculture, empowerment of less developed society