Rural Skill Development

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Rural Skill Development

NEEV works to promote positive and sustainable change helping to develop and regenerate rural areas for the better. Building partnerships and working collectively to bring about positive change is at the heart of our business strategy.

As a regional organization NEEV recognizes the connections and relationships between rural and urban and the increasing importance of rural-urban linkages to the local economy, in particular the role of small and market towns in supplying services, creating employment and being an outlet for local produce.

NEEV has a developed capacity to support regional programmers helping to bridge rural and urban policies and working in partnership to provide regional solutions to delivery, ensuring both rural and urban circumstances are equally considered in selection, methodology and implementation.

  • Agriculture Development
  • Skilled Development
  • Rural Women Empowerment
  • Small Skill Industries Developments
  • Education Development.

Strategy and Approaches

  • Promoting village institutions.
  • Bottom up planning process.
  • We believe in doing ourselves. 
  • Using Participatory community based management approach.
  • Promote research, innovation and Knowledge building in NRM.
  • Develop liaison and Linkages with Government/donor/PRIs.
  • Capacity building of community and Practitioners.